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A Day In The Life Of A Select Appointments Franchisee

1st February 2017

Read below to find out the typical daily routine of a Select Appointments franchisee.

A Day In The Life Of An Office 400 Model Franchisee:

Arrive at the office after getting children sorted out for school, get everything opened up, put the kettle on and check through emails

When everybody is in we have a team briefing, which is all about sharing ideas and making sure we are on track to meet our budgets. Each consultant gives an update on their progress and we talk about the good candidates we’ve seen, what positions they might be suitable for and any clients we’re planning to visit.

Although this meeting has a really sharp commercial focus, it’s not just about the money and the team members always spend time helping and advising each other on any issues they are having. I try to make sure the meetings are always very positive and motivational and this gets everybody set up for the day.

Cash flow is really important in this business so I spend some time every day checking what’s come in and gone out of the bank account. Keeping on top of the finances is something I pride myself on and I believe it has been one of the keys to the success of my business so far.

I’m supporting one of my consultants
 with a client meeting today. Our previous contact has moved on and the company has appointed a new Managing Director so, as a local supplier with knowledge of their business, I’m keen to meet him to start building a relationship. We negotiate and agree commercial terms and also spend some time finding out more about his business plan and exploring potential joint opportunities.

Although we didn’t take any new work
 at the meeting, two days later the client rang to ask us to work on two permanent vacancies—so I was really pleased with the outcome as it reinforced that maintaining strong relationships will lead to business opportunities.

Every day is fast-paced in the office and already there’s a lot to catch up on such as candidate queries regarding holiday pay, wages queries, requests for information from Head Office to support day-to-day operations and loads of other emails, so lunch is a quick sandwich at my desk. Sometimes I’ll have time to pop out to do some shopping or go to the bank, but it’s generally a short break and a good chance for a friendly chat with the team
 to see how they’re getting on. I find that taking this approach helps the team to see that, whilst I am the business owner, I am still approachable and happy to work on operational issues with them.

At the moment I’m spending quite a bit of time working on potential contracts and tenders for large, blue chip companies to further enhance the local client database. This requires a more focused strategic approach, so I find a quiet corner where I can spend time researching the opportunities and see what I can find out from my network of contacts before starting the detailed, and sometimes painful, process of producing tender documents and preparing pitches.

Some bad news from one of the team interrupts my concentration. We have just found out that one of our regular temporary contractors has handed in his notice because he’s moving abroad—it’s always disappointing to lose good candidates
 but it’s part and parcel of the recruitment business.
However on a positive note, we now have the opportunity to replace him, it’s a very specialist role and it won’t be easy to fill his shoes but the client has faith in us and is confident that we can fulfill the requirement as successfully as we have in the past.

I always ask consultants to fill in a daily activity sheet. Not all franchisees do this, 
but I find it keeps me up to date with what’s been happening and allows me to check our progress against targets. I spend some time analysing the overall picture, if we’re on track – great, if not, we’ll look at different ways of hitting the numbers.

This business is a story of ups and downs. Although we had the bad news earlier in the day, I’ve just found out that my newest consultant has just landed his first piece of business with a new client after only two weeks on his desk. Everybody is really pleased for him and we stop for a while to celebrate his success.

Time to close up for the day. I have a general rule that we all go home at 5.30pm, and this applies to me as well; I think it’s important that we all have chance to wind down and relax after a busy day. In the early days of getting the business going it was a real challenge balancing home and work life, but now that the business is established and I have my team around me, I don’t have to put in quite the same long hours!

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